Genealogica grafica


20 Aug 2006

Examples of Pedigreess and Genealogies with a graphical representation.
If you know of a site that should appear in this list, please email the URL to us.

Below are family tableaus produced with KStableau (KST) and Genealogica Grafica (GG).

Nb: G = Genealogy; P= Pedigree

Title name (URL) Source Type Country Remarks
Abendanon KST G


Ahlberg KST P


Alcock KST G AU
Alphen, van KST G NL
Alsemgeest GG G, P NL   Go to Grafisch Alsemgeest, Grafisch voorouders
Andersen KST P NL Go to "grafisch weergegeven kwartierstaat"
Andersen KST G DK
Andersen KST P US
Ångerman KST G FI No text links
Anker KST P DK    
Asperen, van KST G NL   Very big (more than 26.000 ppl)
Assenbergh, van KST P NL    
Assies KST G NL
Baakman KST P NL    
Baels KST P BE
Baels KST P FR
Baker KST G NZ
Balen, van KST P NL Very big
Beech KST G UK
Beek, van der KST P NL Very big
Beekman KST G NL    
Benson KST P AU  
Berbu KST P NO    
Berends KST G-tree NL   How many leaves can you get on a tree ?
Berthou KST P FR Goto G - Gilles
Bidstrup KST P DK
Biemond KST P NL Big
Bijkerk KST P NL
Bingham KST P UK    
Binnendijk KST G NL
Bloemendaal KST P NL    
Boef, de KST G NL
Boer, de KST G NL
Boersma KST P NL
Boissat KST P FR    
Bommel KST P NL    
Bonaparte KST G FR    
Botermans KST G NL
Bourdalle KST P FR
Bouwknegt KST G NL
Breed KST G NL
Breijer KST P NL
Brejl KST P DK
Brook KST G NL    
Brunberg KST P NL    
Brusse KST G NL
Bruus KST G DK
Brysse KST P BE Goto "Brysse chart"
Buchard KST P DK Goto "Slægtstavle"
Buettner KST G DE    
Buisman KST G NL
Buisman KST P F/NL NL and Frsian versions
Bulten KST G NL
Buitenhuis KST G NL
Busnach KST G NL/UK
Camp, van KST P BE
Campbell KST G US
Campbell KST G NZ
Catley KST G UK
Cauwenberg KST P NL
Chapalin KST P FR    
Chemin KST P FR  
Cilento KST P FI/US    
Cilento KST P FI/US    
Chapalain KST P FR    
Christensen KST G DK
Christensen KST G DK
Christiansen KST P DK
Claessen KST G NL    
Clegg KST P US    
Clercq, le KST G NL
Clercq, le KST P NL
Collins KST P,G US    
Combe KST G NZ
Coolen KST G BE
Coolen KST P BE
Coret Coret Genealogy All-in-one various Dynamic building of charts; very comprehensive
Cota Robles T SP A nice manual tree.
Crimmins FamTreeNavigator G US You need a very fast connection ...
Crosby G US GIF
Damsgaard Geography DK Unique: geographic family movements
Damsgaard KST Inbreeding/gen-loss DK Beautiful display of inbreeding across 10 generations
Damsgaard KST P DK
Davis KST G UK
Degelink KST G NL    
demo GenoPro all-in-one
demo HotPepper G Family Tree Maker utility (GIF).
demo Pennine G GIF utility.
demo OriGène All-in-one FR
demo Relatives All-in-one No gedcom input
demo Spansoft All-in-one
Deuren KST G BE/NL
Dewar KST G NZ
Diebrink KST P NL Goto 'Grafisch ...'. Links used creatively.
Diem, van KST G NL Goto 'Parentelen'
Diemen, van KST P NL/US
Dierckx KST G BE
Dimmers KST P NL    
Dindinaud KST P FR    
Dockx KST P BE
dogs KST P NL/UK   dog breeding
Donders KST G NL
Donk, van der KST P NL    
Dop, van KST G NL Goto Overzicht
Dowding KST G UK
Draijer KST P NL Goto Kwartierstaat
Droin KST G FR
Droog KST G NL    
Dunbar KST P UK    
Duphil KST P FR Goto G - Andre
Dusseldorp KST G NL/UK
Edelfelt KST P FI/UK    
Eggermont KST G NL    
Engbæk KST P DK
Faas KST P DE   Linked to own text with pictures
Fauconnier KST G FR    
Feikes KST G NL
Fellner KST G NL    
Ferwerda KST P NL    
Freeman P US Check text: 6000 years of lineage
Friemann KST P NL
Gagge KST G DK
Galen, van KST P,G NL    
Gepkens KST P NL    
Gercks KST P NL
Gerritsen KST G NL    
Gibbard KST P CA Goto Ahnentafels
Gibbard KST G CA Goto Descendant charts. Very big
Giessendanner KST P NL    
Glas KST P NL    
Golotuk DFT P RU
Gordon KST P AU
Grinwod KST G NZ
Groen KST G NL
Groen KST P NL
Guillon KST P FR Big
Guilman KST G UK
Gyldenløves KST P DK
Haan, de KST P NL
Habran KST P NL    
Hagen KST P NL    
Hallink KST P NL
Halma HalmaSoft P NL Reduced form of KST. Goto G, Ancestors of Halma
Hancock KST G NZ
Hansen KST G DK
Hart, 't KST G NL
Harth KST P BE
Hassing KST G NL
Havinga KST G NL    
Heddema KST G NL
Helder KST G NL    
Helmantel KST G NL
Hendriks KST P NL
Hengel, van KST G NL
Henneke KST G NL Goto Henneke - parenteel
Henneman KST G NL
Hennephof KST G NL Links do not work
Henningsen KST P US    
Hesselink KST P NL/UK    
Hessels KST P NL    
Hernberg KST P FI/US    
Heystek KST P NL    
Hoevers KST G NL
Hoevers KST P NL
Högman DFT P SE
Holm DFT All-in-one FI
Holm KST G FI/UK No hyperlinks
Holm KST P FI/UK No hyperlinks
Holten, van KST Inbreeding / gen-loss NL Nice display of inbreeding
Hougberg KST P FI/UK    
Houwelingen, van KST G NL
Høyer KST G DK
Human history Phylogenetic tree of humankind
Israelsson KST G FI No text links
Iwema KST G NL    
Jakobsen KST P DK    
Jager, de KST P NL    
Jarvis KST G BE
Jensen KST G DK
Johae KST G NL    
Jong, de KST G NL    
Jong, de KST P NL    
Kaal KST G NL    
Kaell KST G NL    
Kalverboer GG G-tree NL    
Kåre KST P NO    
Karolingen KST P NL    
Karssen KST G NL
Karssenberg KST P NL
Kayll KST G UK    
Keesen KST G NL
Kennedy KST G NZ
Keoller KST G DK
Ketelaars KST P NL
Keteler KST G NL
Klazes KST G NL
Klein Haneveld KST G NL
Klein Haneveld KST P NL
Kliphuis KST P NL
Kloet KST G NL    
Knudsen KST P DK    
Kongsbak KST KST NO
Konijnenberg KST G NL
Koning KST G NL    
Koops KST P NL    
Kootstra KST P NL    
Kruitbos(ch) KST G NL
Kuijsten KST P DE
Kuipers KST G NL Goto Kuipers - parenteel
Laere, van KST P NL    
Lahrmann KST P DK
Lambert KST G FR
Lambriks KST P NL
Larsen KST P DK
Lauwers KST P FR
Leentfaar KST P NL Goto kwartierstaat
Leeuwen, van KST G NL
Lescop KST P FR   Big
Liedes KST G FI   Very big
Lindgren KST G SV/UK   Frames next to each other
Linnerud KST P FI/UK   No hyperlinks
Lipponen KST P FI/US    
Longney KST G UK
Loon, van KST G NL Goto Van Loon - parenteel
Looy, van KST P NL    
Lunenborg KST P NL
Lustgraaf, van de KST G NL
Luursema KST P NL
Madsen KST G DK
Maurer KST P FI/UK   No hyperlinks
Melk KST G NL    
Mens(en) KST G NL Goto Mens - parenteel
Meyer KST P DK    
Maanen, van KST P NL Goto Overzicht
Manach KST P FR
Manishin G various GIF
Mannerheim KST P FI/US    
Markussen KST P NO
Marquet     NL   Persons on a timeline
Meel, van KST G NL
Meerten, van KST G NL
Mejecaze KST P FR
Ménétrier KST G FR
Mens(en) KST G NL Goto Mens - parenteel
Mickwitz KST P FI/US    
Miener G various
Mierlo, van KST G NL
Millinge KST G DK
Misbach KST P US    
Moleman KST G NL    
Mostert KST G NL
Mostert KST P NL
Mulder KST P NL
Mulder Private P US    
Murers KST G NL
Murgatroyd KST G NZ
Naveau KST G BE
Neef, de KST G NL    
Neef, de GG G-timelines NL    
Neef, de GG P NL    
Newall KST G UK
Newall KST P UK
Nielsen KST P DK    
Normand, Le KST G FR Goto G - Normand
Notteghem KST P FR
Nulens KST P NL/BE
Oberdorffer KST G NL    
Obermeyer KST P DE    
Oftedal KST P NO
O'Keeffee G IE A tree without any tools.
Ooijevaar KST P NL Goto Kwartier
Oosterbaan KST P NL    
Oosterveld KST P NL
Os, van KST P NL Very big
Ouwendijk KST G NL
Ouwerkerk KST P NL Goto DIAGRAM
Pas, van de KST G NL    
Parton KST P UK    
Paula Lopes, de KST P NL    
Pedersdatter KST G DK
Pedersen KST G DK
Pedersen KST P NO
Petersen KST P DK
Pieters KST G NL
Ploum KST P NL    
Pothet KST P FR    
Pouwels (de Vries) KST G NL    
Raalte, van KST G NL
Ramaker KST P NL    
Raumannus KST G FI
Reffeltrath KST P NL    
Reijers KST G NL    
Richel KST P NL    
Riemers KST G NL    
Riko KST G NL Goto Riko - parenteel
Robert KST G FR
Robles de Medina KST G NL    
Roelfs KST G NL
Roeterdink KST G NL
Roskam KST G NL
Runia KST P NL    
Ruokoski KST P FI/US    
Sakko KST G NL
Savenije KST P NL/UK    
Schaik, van KST P NL
Schanen KST P FR    
Schaumans KST P BE
Schmidt KST P DE/UK    
Schoffelmeer KST P NL
Schoneveld KST G NL
Selman KST P UK    
Senden KST P NL    
Sevens KST G NL
Siddal KST G NZ
Siemelink KST G NL
Silva, da KST G NL    
Sjoerds KST G NL
Slager KST P NL
Slobbe, van KST P NL    
Smit KST G NL    
Smit KST G-tree NL   The way a tree should be drawn
Smulders KST G NL
Sperlongano KST G IT & US
Spring in 't Veld KST G NL
Spruit KST G NL
Stappaerts KST G NL
Steenhof(f) KST G NL Goto "Steenhof" and then "Geslachten"
Steggink KST P NL
Sterringa   G NL   The only real timeline graph on the web
Sterringa KST P NL    
Strang KST P FI Very deep
Strange, le KST G NZ   Interesting way of breaking up the chart
Stribos KST G NL    
Strik KST G NL
Strik KST P NL
Stuart KST P NL A classic !
Sublett G various Text with colour coding.
Sund KST P FI/UK   No hyperlinks
Talvinen KST P FI/US    
Tegelman KST G NL    
Tempelaar KST G NL Go to "grafische stamboom"
Terweij KST P NL
Thienen, van KST P NL    
Tiggelman KST P NL    
Thomas KST G FI/US No hyperlinks
Tobé KST P NL Go to Kwartierstaten: Tobé
Toiviainen KST P FI/US No hyperlinks
Törnroth KST P FI/US    
Trooster KST G NL    
Truyman KST P NL    
Tuit KST G NL    
Tyson KST P US
Ubels KST P NL    
Uum KST G NL    
Uusitalo KST inbreeding FI   PDF
Valkenburg KST G NL
Vaughan KST G
Vergez   combi FR    
Verhagen KST P NL
Verhagen - Mulder KST P NL  
Verheul KST P NL
Verhoeven KST P NL Goto Verhoeven - kwartierstaat
Verhoeven KST G NL Goto Verhoeven - parenteel
Vermaak KST G NL
Vermaes KST G NL    
Vermeeren KST P NL
Vernède KST G NL Goto G
Vesala KST P FI/US    
Vieres KST G DE    
Vigouroux KST P FR Goto G - Annick
Villanueva KST P UK
Villforth KST G DE/UK    
Visser KST P NL
Visser KST P NL
Visser KST P NL    
Vliet, van der KST P NL    
Volkerinck KST G NL    
Voncken KST P NL    
Vonk KST G+P NL   Goto: schematische overzicht
Vries, de KST P NL
Vries, de KST G NL    
Vries, de KST G NL    
Vries, de KST P NL    
Vries, de KST P NL    
Vries, de KST P NL    
Vries, de KST Inbreeding NL    
Vroegh KST P NL
Vroomen KST P NL    
Wallgren KST P FI/US    
Walstra KST G NL
Waterreus KST P NL    
Weijers KST G NL
Welland KST P UK    
Wieczorek KST P DE
Wiel, van de KST P NL
Wierda KST P NL
Wiersema KST G NL    
Wierstra KST P NL
Wignall KST P AU    
Wijshake KST P NL    
Wilson KST G UK
Wilt, de KST G NL
Winterwerp KST G NL    
Winterwerp KST G-tree NL   The way a tree should be drawn
Wit, de KST P NL
Wit, de KST P NL
Witte KST G NL
Woerkom, van KST Inbreeding / gen-loss NL
Woodhead KST G NZ
Woudstra KST P NL    
IJsselstein KST G NL
Ywema KST G NL
Zanger, de KST P NL
Zelm, van KST G NL
Zestiene KST G NL    
Zestiene KST G-tree NL   A nice small tree
Zondag KST G NL
Zwaga KST P NL    
Zwier KST G NL    
Zwijsen KST P NL