Photo voltaic cell


Tokamak plasma fusion reactor


Dr. Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor of all times.

Statue of Nikola Tesla



My website is about the secret and the science of unlimited electric energy. The top picture shows the electric lighting of our planet during the night. This picture shows the tremendous human need for energy on a daily basis. Mankind's total need for energy is even higher than the energy required for electric lighting.

Energy crisis

It is true that the solar PV industry is in full development, but do solar panels have the capacity and economy to replace all conventional energy resources? During the night, and also for heavy power application, solar panels do not generate enough energy for all our needs. This might be solved by better batteries for temporary energy storage, but then we need also to upgrade battery technology in order to accomplish independence from conventional energy resources. It will last too many years before the world economy can run on solar energy and electric batteries, considering the pace of the industrial world heading towards energy bankruptcy.

Nuclear power based on nuclear fission has proved to be very dangerous for all of us. Fukushima and Chernobyl are not my favourite holiday destinations, and the uranium based industry is also heavily linked with the uranium based nuclear weapon industry. This is the main reason we do not use thorium for nuclear powerplants. Nuclear fusion is a promising energy conversion technology, but the promise never comes true, apparently. Is the non-functional tokamak reactor an old Sovjet hoax? I think so.

The political and military struggle for the remaining fossil energy resources can easily lead to another world war. The danger of global war is much greater than the danger of the hypothetical "global warming", which is very bad science anyway. Our dependence on fossil energy sources make us very vulnerable for the monopolistic and totalitarian power play we witness today. It is of paramount importance that we study all alternatives for conventional energy resources that are limited in supply (coal, gas, oil, uranium).

A solution discovered by dr. Nikola Tesla

I am convinced there is a perfect technical solution for the problem of limited energy resources, already discovered long before WWII by dr. Nikola Tesla, see picture below of the elegant memorial statue of Tesla, standing on his invention of the AC motor-generator. This technical solution unlocks an unlimited electric energy source, but it is unknown for several reasons. We are missing something very important, something that is not well understood also from a scientific point of view. The internet presents many "free energy devices", and practically all of them are hoaxes. People are wasting their time or money on these hoaxes. A "free energy inventor" can always be on the payroll of the energy monopolists; his job role is to misguide you, such that the energy monopoly is not jeapardized. It is not my intention to show you 'how to build a Tesla generator' or 'how to build a free-energy generator or a perpetuum mobilae. I want to show you the underlying engineering principles and scientific background theory that explain and describe this forgotten and suppressed technology. This is about knowledge, not about blind faith.