For many years I have been visiting Egypt and over the years I collected many beautiful pictures of all the archeological areas. I'm looking for people with similar interest in the history and culture of this magnificent country to share our experiences. Maybe we can exchange some photos or other material If you have any questions about Egypt please ask

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All the photos on this site are property of the develloper and therefor protected by copyright.Over the past years I served alot of people and granted an unlimited download of my pictures. I did get some very wonderful respons from alot of people.

However due to the latet devellopments I am forced to change that policy. Some visitors do have the courtesy of asking permission to use or download certain photos and do add the source of the owner.

Unfortunately the piracy on the Internet is growing fast and I encountered my own pictures used not in the way they were meant, violating the copyright

It is with regret that I had to change the policy of this site. Regular visitors will notice that the photos are marked, sorry

In case you have a request for some of the photos, do not hesitate to ask me by email, and for non-commercial request this will always be granted, as long as you mention the source

>>>>At this moment 560 photos are on this site, of which 15% are extremely rare<<<<


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