The Best be

the Winner



The Gospel of the Rabbit

ďAfter all it was just a cartoon ...Ē



Let me make you rich, let me make you swim in money, let me make you drive in big cars, for i drive big cars as well. Let me make you live in big houses, and let me make you dwell in luxury, for life is good. Let me make you look down on people who are not like you, for you are the masterpiece, oh pig.


Glory to the pig. I created you, but I even made you bigger than myself. Iím but a simple rabbit.


Let me give you weapons, so that you can rule the other. For I made you to be kings. Let me give you big armies, for there is so much to win. Oh, dread I will plant in your hand, so that everyone will tremble for you, and never understand. Money and weapons are good for you like good food. I will give you mothers who will give it to you from their breasts. Yes, I have brought you to a good land. You, oh pig, you were my masterpiece. Me, the rabbit, I even bow for you, the king of creation you are. I made you good.


Oh pig, I made you even better than me, compared with you, I live in small houses, small cars, yes, you were my masterpiece. So let me save you from yourself, I am as crucified compared with you, compared with you I was poor, like born in a cradle. So, let me save you from yourself, or greed and pride will make a sinner of you. The hell is hot for pigs like you.


But you see, I have a restaurant to keep running, so I hope you understand. So many clients come there everyday. They might kill me if I do them wrong, a feast they want, so have a bit of mercy on me, and bring me some pieces of chicken when you can. Pray to me everyday, and lay them in the oven, so I will be satisfied, and I will give you half of the prey. Yes, rich I will make you, and pour out my blessings on you, for you have always been my friend, I know you understand. So donít drive me in a corner, but praise and worship me with a grateful face and voice. I might have some mercy on you at the end of the day. And when judgement day comes, I will say you have always been my friend, for you did understand.


Let us swim in money, friend, let us drive in big cars, and live in big houses, to dwell in luxury, for the days are short. My restaurant might sink in the waves when Noah comes with his flood. Let us party before it is too late, before they say game over. I know a mouse city where we can be safe. Come, follow me, leave all your possessions, leave your families and friends. Me, the rabbit, will lead you to a place where they all understand. I know you feel rejected, so follow me, for I was too. No one ever believed in me, except you.


So it is you and me, and a cat and a dog, and also a bear, to go to the mouse, that which i had hidden for the last days. We will reach our Jerusalem, I have my gun to shoot the rat. The underground is for him, but he will get a bad name, and we will be good. We are the best, the champions of it all. Of course this is what the game demands, and what the game decides, there is no democracy or so. Let only the best be the winner. The one making the best balloons ...


There, high on a hill he lives ... the man of the balloons ... Heís painting the thrill ... His music is the best ... He invades the cities ... and makes balloons of them ... of those who follow him ... So follow him ... Be the best in what you do ... Fly to the sun and to the moon .... And buy some guns from a rabbit ... And try to come out of your pits ....


And they call him the winner man, they call him the rabbit gospel ... Swim with him riches ... Climb with him the trees ... Slide with him over mountains .... and dive with him in the seas .... He would make your life so good .... Heís even saving the rats ... After all it was just a cartoon ...