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Here you'll find some info about the FIRST and longest running (1981 - 2004) computer(games) magazine ever published.

After almost 23 years, C+VG is no more. Originaly an EMAP title, but their actual publisher, Dennis Publishing, sold their gamesmagazines (that was C+VG and PC Zone) to Future Publishing, which kept PC Zone but got rid of C&VG. The last issue
(I guess #273!) was August 2004, the first was November 1981.
Now, the oldest game magazine that still exists is Computer Gaming World, whose first issue is dated December 1981.


Zzapback 2004

November 2004
Computer & Video Games (C+VG in short) was the first (november 1981) computer magazine with the guts to focus entirely on games. As far as I know, they were also the first games magazine to have a (one page) 'Retro' section. (when Retro wasn't half as Retro as Retro is now)
It was called: "Dave Kelsall's Retro Computer Cabin" and was part of those yellow pages featured in C+VG during the mid 90's.

Dave Kelsall's Retro Computer Cabin
Dave Kelsall's Retro Computer Cabin example
I've scanned in three pages of those Retro sections for you to enjoy. Years ago I ripped them out of my mags while clearing up my room (again) so I don't have a clue from which months they were, I only know they're from 1996.
Click on the 3 links below. (+/- 500 Kb each) The scans are 96 dpi,
1250 x 1700 pixels, so very good for printing and reading.
When the page had loaded, click on it with your left* mouse button and 'save target as' or 'print'.

* just checking if you were paying attention ;)

Retro Computer Cabin example I
Retro Computer Cabin example II
Retro Computer Cabin example III

Wanna use my scans? Please notify me.