Zzap!64 Zzap!64
Simply the best gamesmagazine ever published.

Publisher: Newsfield
from issue 79 on: Europress Impact
Origin: Sister magazine of the classic Speccy magazine CRASH
Coverage: Mainly games
Launch date: May 1985
Launch Price: 95p
Launch Editor: Chris Anderson
Peak circulation figure: 88.000
Last issue: Issue 90 November 1992
Continued as: Commodore Force
(16 issues, until march 1994)
Resurrected: March 2002 issue '107' saw the light, produced by a mix of fans and ex-staff including Gordon Houghton.
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Zzapback 2006

November 2004
Zzap!64 obviously was THE magazine for game reviews, but the Zzap-staff were able to do some hilarious and informative interviews as well.

Take for example the interview in issue 23 (march 1987) with John Hare and Chris Yates of Sensible Software, at that time busy with their (now totally classic) Wizball.

I've uploaded the interview with the sensible lads in all it's glory in two scans.

A Sensible Interview - At last!

Sensible Interview part 1Sensible Interview part 2

Back in september 2004, especially for Back In Time Live, I've uploaded Zzap's 'famous' Musicians Ball 3-page article from Issue 16, August 1986.
It's a pretty funny interview with c64 (music)coders Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish, Tony Crowther and David Whittaker. (by Gary Penn and Gary Liddon)

Have fun!
SID, Bits and Rock 'n Roll!

Musician's Ball page 1Musician's Ball page 2Musician's Ball page 3

All scans are Jpg's, 300/400kb each, 1500x1000 pixels at 96 dpi, good enough for printing.
Scans by Mort. Retouched by Mr.Zzapback.